What Are the 5 Main Chapters of a Dissertation? A Guide for Beginners

Dissertation Chapters
So, you have got to write a dissertation? Do you know about the number of chapters of a dissertation? Do you know how to write those chapters? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you are on the safe side. However, if you do not know about the 5 chapters of a dissertation and their writing guidelines, you have come to the right place. Crafting the chapters of a dissertation in the right manner is not an easy task. Therefore, in today’s article, we will discuss the top writing guidelines for composing the 5 major chapters. However, before that, let’s name them.

The 5 Major Chapters Of A Dissertation

A dissertation does not include only 5 chapters. There are many other sections and elements of a dissertation like an abstract, references, appendix etc. However, the major concentration is given to the 5 chapters. Do you know what those chapters are? As guessed, no. The names of those dissertation chapters are given as follows:
  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Literature Review
  • Chapter 3: Research Methodology
  • Chapter 4: Results & Discussion
  • Chapter 5: Conclusion

How to Write the 5 Chapters of a PhD Dissertation?

Writing a dissertation is undoubtedly a challenging task. Each chapter has its own content requirements. Due to this, as a researcher, you have to be extra careful when crafting the chapters of a dissertation. However, a brief description of the top writing guidelines for composing the above discussed 5 chapters is as follows:

1. Writing The Introduction Chapter

The first and most important chapter of a dissertation is the introduction chapter. It is the chapter of your dissertation that grabs the attention of the reader by explaining what the research is about. The introduction chapter of your dissertation needs to start from the very beginning. As the dissertation writer, you must take start with a broader overview of the research problem and topic under study. Explain all the key terms associated with the research topic. An introduction section typically answers the following questions:
  • What are you going to research?
  • Why is researching it worthwhile?
  • What are your research aims and objectives?

2. Guidelines For Literature Review Chapter

The literature review chapter is the backbone of your dissertation. It is one of the core chapters of a dissertation. In this chapter, you collect and analyse the existing research on your topic. Most of the time, this information is in the form of research articles and research papers. In simple words, you read the literature already published in your field and get a know-how of the potential areas that can be improved. To make this chapter an effective one, make sure that you collect the research information only from credible sources. Some of the most authentic sources are ResearchGate, Google Scholar, and ScienceDirect and Affordable Dissertation UK.

3. Composing The Methodology Chapter

Until this point, you have composed the introduction and literature review chapters. Now, it is time to craft the heart of your dissertation, i.e., the methodology chapter. It is the chapter where you describe your research methods. Depending on the type of research study, there are two types of methodologies, i.e., qualitative and quantitative. Hence, use the methodology that suits your research questions. When composing the methodology chapter, make sure that you describe the procedure of the methods that you intend to use. Also, do not forget to give reasons for the selection of a particular methodology.

4. Writing The Results & Discussion Chapter

This is the chapter of a dissertation where you present all your research results and discuss them in relation to the research questions. When presenting the results of the research study, make sure to make use of presentational devices like graphs, charts, and lines. The use of tables is another good way to present the results obtained. As far as the discussion section of your dissertation is concerned, you must discuss the results in relation to the research questions. Discuss how your research results have answered all the questions.

5. Guidelines For Writing The Conclusion Chapter

Lastly, there is the chapter on the conclusion. The conclusion chapter is the section of your dissertation that puts a formal end to your research study. It is one of the major chapters of a dissertation. In this chapter, you should summarise what you have found after doing the investigation. As the writer, you must not include anything new in the conclusion section. Only include what has already been discussed.


Answering the question "what are 5 main chapters of a dissertation", we have discussed in detail about them. Along with this, we have also discussed the top writing guidelines needed to write this dissertation. Hence, go through each line given above and craft the chapters accordingly. If you are facing difficulties writing these chapters, you must hire dissertation writing service from a reliable firm.

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